Our crew at LogistiX is dedicated to approaching every job with exceptional customer service as a driving force.

We make things happen.

Our team is wholly dedicated to helping our customers in the most effective ways possible. We have a passion for innovation and are always working to improve processes across the board. We also know the devil’s in the details, and that’s where our focus is. Our staff members bring energy, pride, and fresh perspectives to the table daily, and we always work to cultivate an environment in which smart and creative ideas are encouraged. At the end of the day, we are an extension of our customers. Their mission is our mission too.

Team Member

Carlos Garcia

General Manager

Carlos, the founder of LogistiX and an alumnus of Covenant College, is a devoted husband and father of three from Bogota, Colombia. He loves creating cherished family moments through coastal adventures, exploring new destinations, and witnessing his children's sports activities. While he enjoys golf, his true passion lies in community engagement and philanthropy, reflecting his commitment to giving back and assisting his community, an integral part of his life's mission.


Paul Gray

Operations Manager

Paul is the Operations Manager from Chattanooga, TN; he brings a wealth of expertise to his role with a diverse professional background in accounting and medical collections. He is a sports enthusiast of golf and football; the team he supports is the Miami Dolphins. Paul's favorite movie is "The Godfather," when hunger strikes, nothing satisfies him more than a slice of pizza.


Milca Hernandez

Support Services Manager

Milca is our Support Services Manager, originally from Houston, TX. Milca's favorite food is chicken and rice. Her soul resonates with the heartfelt melodies of country music, with Luke Bryan's concert being her favorite. As a devoted mom, she cherishes every precious moment spent with her daughter, supporting her in all her extracurricular activities. She's a proud cat lover, sharing her home with these charming companions. 


Jordan Hurst

Senior Project Manager

Jordan is a Project Manager with a background as a production supervisor for an auto parts manufacturer and experience owning and operating his food truck. Jordan loves to fire up the grill and indulge in outdoor cooking. When it's time for some cinematic escapism, he is drawn to the iconic Western drama "Tombstone."


Mike Martinez

Warehouse Manager

Mike is a project Manager from Chattanooga, TN. When Mike isn't laser-focused on project success, he's out on the soccer field, reveling in the thrill of playing and watching the beautiful game. Mike is a self-taught saxophone maestro, captivating hearts with his melodious tunes. You'll often find him grooving to Latin music during his leisure moments.  


Carlos Cordova

Senior Project Manager

Carlos is a Senior Project Manager with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Economics. Carlos is a loving husband and father to his daughter. Jack, their friendly pitbull companion, completes their household. Carlos unwinds by firing up the grill and indulging in outdoor cooking. He enjoys Reggae music, and The Wailer's concert is his all-time favorite experience.


JoAnn Gentry

Office Manager

JoAnn is the Business Operations Manager from NY, with extensive experience in customer service, HR, and accounting. Her educational journey led her to earn a BA in Social Science and Business, fueling her passion for people and the art of commerce. She loves Turkish cuisine and savors rich and flavorful flavors. She is a devoted cat lover; she co-parents five adorable feline friends with her boyfriend. 


Alex Adamovic

Project Site Lead

Alex is a Project Manager from Chattanooga, TN. His favorite food is Chinese and Japanese cuisine. He's a music lover, with Romeo Santos being his favorite concert. Alex plays video games in his leisure moments, with Call of Duty being his favorite. He delights in exploring new destinations, like the Dominican Republic.  


Fred Varas

Project Site Lead

Fred is a Senior Project Manager from Orange County, CA. He's also an expert in interior design installation, having worked on projects for model homes, golf courses, celebrity residences, and professional athletes' homes across the nation. Above all, Fred treasures his role as a father to his son, bringing joy to his life. Fred embraces adventure through surfing, snowboarding, and playing guitar in his leisure time. 


Viviana Granados

Social Media Manager

Viviana spearheads our Social Media/Marketing and Customer Service efforts at Logistix. Born and raised in Lewisburg, TN, just an hour south of Nashville. Viviana holds a BSBA in Finance from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a minor in Economics. Viviana enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, playing volleyball, or enjoying a fun-filled outing at a Soccer game with friends or family. 


Aaron Famber

Project Manager

Aaron is a Project Manager from Colombia, SC, with a deep appreciation for cinema; he finds pure joy in indulging in movies of all genres. Aaron's passion for film makes him a delightful conversationalist and go-to recommendation. 


Angel Gutierrez

Project Manager

Angel is a Project Manager from Plainview, NY. With a zest for life, he embraces the outdoors and finds solace in the beauty of nature through hiking adventures. When it's time to unwind and let his imagination roam free, Angel dives into the captivating world of video games, immersing himself in thrilling virtual realms. A lover of knowledge and stories, he finds solace in the pages of books. 


Jose Pichardo

Project Manager

Jose is a Project Manager who spans from the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant landscapes of Miami, FL. As a passionate entrepreneur, Jose runs his own photography and filmmaking business, capturing the essence and beauty of each city he visits. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jose proudly dons the colors of the New York Yankees, passionately supporting his favorite baseball team.


Nicholas Scott

Project manager

Nicholas is a Project Manager with roots tracing back to Atlanta, GA. Sporting prowess runs in the family, as his brother currently shines as a player for the New Orleans Saints. He finds solace and invigoration in workouts, and his thirst for knowledge drives him to explore the world of books and embrace the opportunity to learn new skills. He proudly cheers the LA Lakers.


Raul Ramirez

Project Manager

Raul is a Project Manager from Edinburg, TX. Raul's heart lies with fishing when it comes to finding pure joy and relaxation. With a deep connection to nature and its tranquility, Raul's passion for fishing reflects his appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. As a Senior Project Manager, he brings this sense of calm, patience, and determination to navigate complex projects with a steady hand.


Sonny Esqueda

Project Manager

Sonny is a Project Manager from Harlingen, TX. Regarding quality family time, Sonny enjoys playing video games with his children, bonding over shared adventures, and creating lasting memories. As a dedicated football fan, he proudly supports the Dallas Cowboys. Sonny's passion for gaming and football showcases his love for fun-filled moments with loved ones and the excitement of competitive sports.


Wilson Sepulveda

Project Manager

Wilson is a Project Manager from San Antonio, TX. In his cherished leisure moments, he finds himself captivated by the excitement of baseball games, immersing himself in the passion and thrill of the sport. But Wilson's true joy lies in the precious moments he shares with his family. Whether engaging in fun activities or simply cherishing quality time together, he treasures the bonds that unite them. 


Sean Verklas

Project Manager

Sean is a Project Manager from Knoxville, TN. With a love for the great outdoors, he finds solace and adventure in camping and hiking, exploring the breathtaking landscapes surrounding him. He's also a technology enthusiast, diving into various tech-related activities that fuel his curiosity and passion for innovation. Sean eagerly supports the Crimson Tide, passionately following their football triumphs.


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