Custom Buildout Solutions

From just pieces of the puzzle to totally turnkey solutions, LogistiX can assist in your warehouse buildout endeavors.



You’ve got a warehouse full of product, but are you storing it in the most efficient, most accessible, most advantageous way? Our team of experts can help organize your warehouse space with racking solutions that make sense for your business. We curate custom configurations for each space to ensure optimal performance.

No matter what type of inventory you’re storing, we can provide racking services to make the most of your warehouse space.  

Safety Tape

Safety in your warehouse is paramount. Have you taken all the necessary precautions when it comes to safety tape in your spaces? Foot traffic, dust, humidity, and other everyday wear and tear can take a toll on the safety tape in your warehouse or facility, and will need to be updated periodically over time. That’s where we come in.

Let our team help ensure your warehouse is up to code with properly marked floors and more. With strategic color coding, expert installation, and use of only the best products, our team can come in and ensure your OSHA compliance, as well as the safety of your team members.

Whether your site has never been outfitted with safety tape before, or you just have certain areas that need a refresh, LogistiX will work with you to ensure that everything is up to code, and executed to perfection.


As technology consistently advances and upgrades regularly become available for essentially every component of your warehouse or factory, it’s important to keep up with the times. Is your facility operating on the cutting edge, or completely stuck in the past? If pieces of your operation are dated and behind the curve, LogistiX can help propel you into the present in every regard.

Our team offers retrofitting services to help customers get the most out of their spaces. From the addition of new features to older buildings to adding functionality in various other ways, we excel at turning warehouses into well-oiled machines for greater profitability. Work with us to ensure your building is as modernized as possible, and that you’re getting the most out of your building in terms of space utilization, safety, and overall efficiency. From retrofitting overhauls from the ground up, to partial retrofits, LogistiX is versed in all the latest materials and technologies the industry has to offer and has the chops to get you where you want to be.


Now is the time to streamline your processes through the integration of robotics and technologies. What if you could implement the use of new technologies in your warehouse to increase productivity, lower labor costs, and achieve seamless scaling all within the same footprint? Well, you can. Our team can help you overhaul your processes, while utilizing the wonders of robotics in many areas.

Robotic integration is the future of our industry. By incorporating robotic elements into your work processes, you can create a work environment that is safer, more efficient, more cost effective. From robotic arms in conveyor processes to robotic components on the floor, there are myriad ways to automate your systems for incredible benefits. At LogistiX, we can assess how you operate, suggest areas in which robotic elements could bring innovative solutions for your business, and implement those solutions for you with our totally turnkey approach.

Increase productivity, minimize injuries, and improve your bottom line with robotics.

Perimeter Guarding & Fencing

Is your warehouse and workspace up to code? Our team can help you meet OSHA standards by installing perimeter guarding and fencing for optimal safety.

We specialize in fabricated steel safety products to fit your specific needs within your space. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and vast industry knowledge, LogistiX will create custom solutions for your warehouse or storage facility.




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