Our Mission

At LogistiX, our mission is to deliver creative and reliable solutions for our clients and partners. We also strive to deliver similar solutions for our community - helping children and families in need regarding education, physical and mental health, and professional development. With a particular focus on minorities and Latinos, we welcome opportunities to provide essential resources, enable access to services, and equip individuals to build a successful life, however, they choose to define it. With close ties to the Latino community, we will continuously seek out opportunities to support all minorities within and beyond the Chattanooga area.

Howard High School:

Throughout the duration of last year, we extended sponsorship to Howard, aiming to alleviate barriers encountered by the newcomers. Our overarching objective is to empower these youths, fostering the awareness that they are supported by individuals invested in their triumphs.


LogistiX proudly sponsored six families associated with the Boys and Girls Club, extending our support to address their diverse needs. Our sponsorship encompassed various forms of assistance tailored to each family's requirements. Through our commitment, we provided essential resources, including but not limited to clothing, educational materials, and recreational equipment. Our overarching aim is to nurture a sense of empowerment within these families, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to their well-being and success.


LogistiX demonstrated its commitment to community support by generously donating to three esteemed organizations: Orange Grove Center, Chattanooga Room at the Inn, and Bridge Refugee Services. These contributions aimed to address critical needs and foster resilience within the communities we serve. Our partnership underscores LogistiX's dedication to making a meaningful impact and uplifting those in need within our community.

Sponsorship: Highland Park Commons (HPC)

For the month of November, LogistiX proudly sponsored a soccer tournament hosted at HPC, exemplifying our commitment to community engagement and youth development. Our support enabled the smooth execution of the event, fostering a platform for camaraderie and athletic growth among participants. By sponsoring this tournament, we aimed to promote healthy competition and teamwork while providing a memorable experience for all involved. This initiative reflects our ongoing dedication to enriching the lives of individuals through meaningful opportunities and recreational activities.

Accountability in everything we do..... even within the community!