Chattanooga's Startup Week’s First Latino Entrepreneur of the Year

Posted in In the News on Jul 22, 2022

One of our many proud accomplishments at LogistiX is that our Founder and General Manager, Carlos Garcia, was the first Latino to receive the Entrepreneur of the Year recognition by Chattanooga's Startup Week. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Carlos Garcia leads us in outfitting warehouses for large-scale, online retailers across the United States and Canada, completing over 6,000 projects since LogistiX’s inception in 2016.

Carlos Garcia leads LogistiX in Chattanooga and beyond.

Our headquarters is a 60,000-square-foot office and warehouse in Red Bank, Tennessee where our core team of about 60 employees works from, but 60 isn’t the extent of reports that Carlos Garcia has. "In any given year we employ 9,000 temporary workers," he shared in a recent Chattanooga Times Free Press article. A network of thousands is required to give our massive projects the attention they deserve.

Why do so many report to Carlos Garcia?

Our LogistiX build-outs include the installation of necessary technology and security, assembling inventory systems and furniture when necessary, and even hanging fire extinguishers. The spaces his crews build for our clients can be thousands to millions of square feet. "I've learned to delegate a little more but I'm really involved — I'm in every meeting, every call… I might run the risk of being a micromanager."

In Red Bank, our headquarters’ walls are lined with photos of finished jobs, and Carlos Garcia was a part of all of them. He’s been to job sites all over the United States, supervising our teams and ensuring the job we do will be worthy of framing.

Thank you, Carlos Garcia, from all of us at LogistiX!

"Right now, LogistiX is the holy grail, the macaroni and the cheese. It's the kind of company I want to concentrate on because I see a massive opportunity for it." It’s thanks to Carlos Garcia that LogistiX has brought a quality outfitting service to so many individuals across the continent.

However, beyond that, he is a job creator. His warehouse projects provide employment opportunities for thousands of laborers, and that’s entrepreneurship to be proud of. "I learned the best way to change people's lives is by giving them a good living. The more we grow, the more families I'm able to support."

Entrepreneur of the Year 3.jpeg Photography by Matt Hamilton at The Chattanooga Times Free Press




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